As a common belief, around 80% of the technological and scientific information contained in patents is not published anywhere else. There are literally millions of published patents and patent applications that are available for review to the public.  This overwhelming treasure of information would only useful be when critical and relevant references in the given subject matter are identified and analyzed in a manner that provides information for actionable decision making.


Patent Landscape Analysis; is the proven multistep process to parse through, organize and extract value from this vast information. It is an in-depth analysis that sketches the details of the prevailing technology and the market trends in the concerned domain. A completed patent landscape analysis project consists of a set of technical references and accompanying analytics from which important legal, business, and technology information can be extracted. This information enables large corporations, startups, universities, research institutions, and investors to understand and make informed decisions prior to investing time and money into new technology and product development opportunities.


Patent Landscape Analysis carried out by a patent expert having in-depth knowledge in the technological as well as legal field provides the reliable and valuable report to evaluate the technology in the market and accordingly make further decisions related to marketing and research and development of said technology.  It is very important that the Patent Landscape Analysis is carried out by the expert keeping in mind the consequences of the same.


First and foremost, Patent Landscape Analysis provides the existing Sate of the Art to the researchers and innovators helping them to pave their way further. It is through the Patent Landscape Analysis one comes to know about the big players of the particular technological domain. Not only has this, the Patent Landscape Analysis also provided in detailed study of the market and various domains of related technologies in the market. This is useful for considering potential merger/acquisition partners, in/out licensing opportunities (open innovation), competitors, suppliers, or customers and to assess whether it makes more financial sense to develop the technology in-house. Patent Landscape Report could be an important tool to for many strategic decisions related to R&D investment, prioritization, technology transfer or local manufacturing. This also helps to identify white spaces in the subject technology domain. High-level patent landscape maps or visualizations can be analyzed for research, discovery and “white space” opportunities. These graphic visualizations can also be useful for communication and marketing tools – especially to non-patent experts and investors.


The thorough Patent landscape analysis report by knowledgeable patent expert who understands the technology and the subject matter along with principles of intellectual property management, provides the end-user with the valuable and actionable information. The information derived from a patent landscape analysis is applied within an organization to generate novel technology, to identify possible companies or technologies to license or acquire, or to avoid spending time and money on duplicating technology that has been developed previously and may already be on the market. It is indeed an important and a decision making tool though it involves expertise, is exhaustive and cost extensive.