Contributions towards IP

From the beginning of our journey in 1970, we have been at the forefront of spreading awareness about Intellectual Property Rights. Over the years, we have taken multiple initiatives to give back to society. Some of these initiatives have directly impacted society, while others have indirectly made the way for IP Rights in India.

Supported Sponsored for setting up an Academy at AMA

The Y. J. Trivedi-AMA Academy for Intellectual Property Rights is a joint initiative of Y.J. Trivedi Co. and The Ahmedabad Management Association. Formed in the year 2007, the IP Academy aims to (a) promote the culture of IP amongst industry and business, (b) organise IP-related training programs, seminars and lectures ( c ) organise an annual lecture by a distinguished personality on the world IP day (d) to publish leaflets/ books etc.

Pioneered and promoted a non-business training and development organisation - IPPO

This nonprofit organisation essentially acts as an industry go-between, providing insights into the complex mechanism of creation, ownership and protection of Intellectual Property. This organisation seeks to provide service to Academic Institutions, Corporates, Startups and those who wish to develop their career in the burgeoning field of Intellectual Property with professional, certified courses.

Sponsored Gold Medal in IPR at Gujarat National Law University

Continuing the firm’s passion towards contributing to the Community and with an aim to encourage more students to identify and pursue this branch of Law and to motivate them to study and excel in this field, initiated the Y. J. Trivedi Gold Medal, to be awarded every year, to the Final Year Student of Law at GNLU, who scores the highest marks in that academic year. This noble cause could well be considered as one more concrete step in the direction of promoting awareness of Intellectual Property.

National Expert at EBTC

The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) (a body to establish promoting and indigenising European technologies as well as innovations to suit the local needs in India through various projects) has empanelled us as their National Expert for their IP Facilitation Forum.

Patent Filing Record

In the year 2018, Y. J. Trivedi & Co. set the World Record in Filing Maximum Number by filing 162 Patents in a single day.

Writing several books on the subject of IPR

Our founder, Shri Y. J. Trivedi has immensely contributed to spreading IP Law by writing several books. One such book is “50 Selective Judgements in 50 Credible Years”, which contains his commentary on 50 remarkable cases in IP Law.


IP at a

This book has exclusively been written for LLM Students and is immensely beneficial for them to understand the intricacies of IP Law and also as a referral during exams.

The Intellectual Property Law (in Gujarati)

Having experienced that English had once become a barrier, he even went to the extent of writing down the entire IP law in the Gujarati language, a first of its kind, which proved immensely helpful to the people functioning at various levels.

The Indian Designs Act, 2000 with Citations

It was in the year 2000 that the Designs Act had been revised and hence Mr. Y. J. Trivedi came up with the idea of writing a book on the new Designs Act which included his citations and commentary along with the Act, thereby acting as a digest.