Our Founder

Mr. Y. J. Trivedi has pioneered and promoted Intellectual Property Law among the students, budding lawyers and entrepreneurs. In his 35th year of professional practice, he established the Y. J. Trivedi-AMA Academy for Intellectual Property Rights at AMA. Annually, the academy hosts diverse seminars, roundtable discussions, and IP symposiums. These events facilitate knowledge transfer from experts and academicians to other stakeholders, fostering the development of a knowledge-driven society and boosting the businesses involved.


During the late 60s & early 70s, when Mr. Y. J. T Trivedi started his IP law firm, English was not widely spoken and had a very low penetration in the state. This made the language a barrier to the awareness and spread of IP Law amongst local law enforcement agencies and authorities of Gujarat. That is why he decided to translate the IP law into the regional language (Gujarati) in his book “The Intellectual Property Law.” This book was the first of its kind, which proved immensely helpful to the people functioning at various levels. 


Mr. Trivedi has penned down three books on IPR, the latest one being “IP at a Glance”, which is a valuable set of questions and answers for Law Students studying the subject of IPR. Before that, he wrote a book called “The Indian Designs Act, 2000 with Citations”. 


Under his guidance and leadership, the firm has completed 50 glorious years in IP Practice, with many more yet to come. As a part of our 50-year celebration, we honoured our founder, Shri Y. J. Trivedi, by publishing a book that contains his commentary on “50 Selective Judgements in 50 Credible Years”.