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The taste of India to be The taste of World: “AMUL” to get well known trademark status

 The famous dairy product giant of India - “AMUL” has been decided to be anointed as a well known trademark along with other 62 on the list. The decision of the government to include AMUL as a trademark in the well known list is welcoming for the company, as it would be rather easy to claim protection against the infringement of the mark as it gets an official well known status. The said status is given to those brands that has achieved tremendous good will and is on the lips of common citizens. The said status will also grant protection to the trademark “AMUL” in foreign countries. In past the trademarks were included in the list of Well known ones as a result of the infringement suits filed by the said companies against the infringers examples are Daimler Benz, Yahoo etc.



Counterfeit products from China seized, gives relief to genuine product manufacturers:

On two separate occasions, the counterfeit products were seized by officials from two different locations. The first was a seizure of 41000 fake iPhones that were being manufactured in Beijing, China. The said manufacturing site was run under the disguise of “Gadget maintenance shop” by a couple who had enrolled around 100 workers to manufacture fake iphones. The Beijing police nabbed the offenders on the basis of a tip obtained from the U.S authorities. The seized phones are probably worth 19 million Dollars. On another occasion, the counterfeit hand bags, belts and other leather materials of the famous brand “HERMES” were seized from Los Angeles port. The seized material is estimated to worth 3.8 million and is said to be imported to U.S from China. It is the third raid committed by the officials in recent times. Many countries are fighting with the Chinese counterfeit manufacturers to curb the dilution of their brand causing them great economic losses.